6 Reasons you need a Mentor ASAP || A Guide is all you need

My dear readers, let’s just agree upon how decent & happy your life is!

Regardless of what’s happening in your reality at the moment & how satisfied you are with life right now, let me give you 6 reasons as to why you are in an URGENT need of a mentor/guide-


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

A Guide (or as some people might like to say ‘mentor’) gives you clarity & wisdom to NOT reach out to your friends/peers who might not have as much experience under their belt plus in all probability, their opinions could be filtered by a layer of bias! Now, would you want BIAS/ lack of experience to come in the way of your path? No, right? Then it’s time to look for someone who you can trust and get inspired by, every second of the day!


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

We all seek & (invariably) ask for a sense of direction from the Universe. Even the most successful people known to you are planning which path to walk on and consequent approval. Let’s face it guys, we all want to reach somewhere, achieve a bunch of things on a personal, professional & soul level ; and we will only be able to achieve that if we have a sense of direction, agreed?

What Mentors or Guides do is, they provide us with multiple paths as options and run us by the pros & cons we will experience on each path.

I’ve been quite lucky to have a few people guide me through my journey, I can’t thank & bless them enough for this! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Daddy Dearest, Mommy, SanJOY, Neha, Ovi, Kanchana, Maria, Swati, Meg, Kajal & perhaps a few more lovely people who provided me with some solid unsolicited advice that put me on the path that I am at today!


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

No matter how creative or intelligent you are, by the end of the day, your soul seeks inspiration and ‘perspective’ which comes only when you surround yourself with people who are more experienced & exposed than you! Guides/ Mentors not just provide you with constructive criticism but also hold your best interest at heart. It’s best to always be open to feedback from people who convey their feelings from a place of… pure intention!


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

Surrounding yourself with inspiring people (mentors & guides) results in a repulsion towards mindless chatter & gossip that most of you indulge in or “fall prey to” , if you don’t make a constant effort to make meaningful and uplifting conversations. Valuable communication/conversation gives you “perspective” towards your goals & even towards life in general.


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

If you don’t know what this means, then go check out my blog post on “VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCIES & DIVINE TIMING”, HERE!

Surrounding yourself with a guide or mentor results in high frequency experiences. And don’t we all want to ascend in life?


The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

Guides or Mentors, now popularly referred to as (Life) Coaches hold the potential of playing the role of your personal cheerleader, knight in shining armor, counselor, therapists, healers and SO MUCH MORE! These are the kind of people who ensure that you never wither away from your path, know yourself better & better with each passing day, heal old wounds, clear limiting belief systems & REMEMBER your divine mission!

Now let me be a tad bit clearer! You can either find yourself a mentor in your family (someone preferably older, wiser & kinder) or your work place (someone preferably with a pure intention, more seasoned & very focussed) or ONLINE (Youtuber or Blogger) or a professional Life Coach.

You can have one, you can have many but just ensure that you follow people who are worth following & have your best interest at heart!

So, what next?

How to go about this?

Well I’d suggest you to look around for people who INSPIRE YOU to be the best version of yourself and JUST ASK THEM TO GUIDE YOU & ADVICE YOU in matters that hold weightage in your life, even if you have to pay them for it. They’re professionals and be certain that they know their shit.

You can also reach out to them if you have a goal in mind and you need CONSTANT SUPPORT & MOTIVATION.

Believe me, it’s worth it!

Investing in your future, your dreams, your goals is WORTH all the time & money in the world!

Speaking of inspiration, have you checked my The Maven Inspiration Listicle Series? If not then you must click here & here ASAP!

So, guys, tell me…
Who’s been an inspiration in your life?
Who has mentored you during rough times?
Who’s been there for you when you were seeking help & guidance?
Name that person & share this link with them!

Don’t forget to drop in your comments below!

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha

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  1. Gargi madan says:

    Very nice article Anku
    I always read u r article . Each nd every article is well described. My inspiration isy hubby nd ofcourse My teacher Dr.C.G.Pande.awell known psychotherapist always y inspired me, My Guru Shri Shri Ravi Shankar ji ,he is great coach nd healer for me

    1. Aakansha says:

      Glad to hear this Gargi di…
      It’s beautiful how the Creator & the Universe always sends us such wise guides…
      Love & Light,

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