My 40 day battle with COVID 19 || COVID during pregnancy

This blog post is all about the ‘covid during pregnancy’ experience which usually scares a lot of people. This is MY unique journey and can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy because our bodies and minds work very differently. I was infected with the virus for good 40 days and (tested COVID positive 4 times in a row) which is why I think, for me, this was a 40 day BATTLE with COVID 19. 

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Ever since the COVID 19 virus frenzy started, I was relatively calm because of 

a) my belief system (that my body has excellent immunity and knows how to fight & recover)

b) not having any underlying condition (such as CVD/diabetes, etc.)

I knew one day I would catch the virus but also recover. What I didn’t anticipate was the imperfect timing and duration of this horrible experience. I was in the second trimester of my pregnancy when a member in my family inadvertently brought the virus home. Our entire house was infected despite the regular turmeric-black pepper drinks we had been chugging for years plus the sunbathing, most of us would indulge in a few times every week to keep our vitamin D levels in check. All five of us experienced almost every single COVID 19 symptom- fever, headache, loss of taste, loss of smell, cold, cough, etc. From what we knew of COVID 19, we thought since none of us (infected peeps) had an underlying condition, we would recover within 2 weeks. Little did we know that the two week time frame was not charted for us because we all had a varying speed of recovery. 

For me, personally, despite being infected by the COVID 19 virus during pregnancy, my symptoms were prevalent but not physically excruciating. I had a word with my OB/GYN who assured me that my baby is more than safe in the amniotic sac. All she asked me to do was, take the following supplements and sit in the sun-

Vitamin D

Vitamin C and


I was allowed to take Panadol if I felt extreme headache or fever but I didn’t allow myself that kind of liberty for more than 2 days. I did take all the recommended supplements (alongside coconut water & steam) for a good 9-12 days but started experiencing liver pain and discomfort because of the supplementation. This is perhaps because of my knowledge and beliefs around supplements. 

I do understand now that-

a) Supplements are not for everyone because some people have bodies that can easily digest (and assimilate) supplementation while for others, it can be heavy on the system.

b) Also, our body doesn’t assimilate the entire dosage of the supplement but only a % of it based on our gut health.

In hindsight, I think the “shitty” timing COVID hit us was not at all shitty but well conspired by the Universe. Since I am so heavily invested in self growth and healing, the moment I detached myself from the victim mentality (that I caught myself slipping into from time to time), I could see 

‘WHY IS THIS HAPPENING FOR ME’ with better clarity. I must admit the whole of February 2021 and the 10 days of March were extremely challenging for me mentally. I found myself feeling betrayed, triggered, angry, frustrated and stuck despite the incredible family support. I had to hold myself together and keep reminding myself of everything that was working for me. Journaling became my companion and the more self healing I did, the more limiting beliefs popped up. I read this quote recently which goes like-

(paraphrased by me)

We all have a story and we all are working on ourselves. If you find yourself triggered, work on it because it’s your opportunity to grow. Don’t be hard on yourself because growth is a dance and not a switch that you can flip at your own whim and fancy. 

The funny thing about self help and self growth is, that the moment you think you have done enough self work and you’re sorted and golden, the very next moment Universe puts you in a position to heal again. We all have experienced a myriad of emotions in this lifetime and previous lifetimes. We all have genes from ancestors who have had an “eventful life”. So, when we feel triggered from small little things, instead of judging ourselves and making a fuss about it, it’s best if we lay low and focus on healing. February 2021 and the 10 days of March feel like a dark room I was trapped into but couldn’t escape from despite the unconditional love and support from my amazing husband and my immediate family. 

This is how life is I believe now. We all have our own journey which we have to walk alone with faith in the grand plan. No matter how loving our partner is and how supportive our family is, we FEEL what we FEEL. Feelings cannot be shut down. Feelings should NOT be shut down. 

Everytime we experience hardship, we think “why us” “why me” … all these are questions that a wounded victim asks. And it’s okay to feel like this because we are neck deep in our hurt and pain. But, the sooner we are able to get up, brush ourselves off, put our blinders on and focus on healing, the faster and more graceful our growth is. Once we are ‘out of the woods’ or in my case ‘out of the dark room’ we truly understand that…

Life is an effortless stream of synchronicities and the whole Universe conspires to manifest the ‘new you’ from within.

By the way, some of you might be surprised to know what my OB/GYN told me about Covid 19 effects. She said a good 10% of people who experience COVID 19 have their mental health affected as well because the virus causes certain chemical imbalances in the brain. I doubt there is enough evidence to support this fact but because I felt what I felt, I do agree because there were really times when I couldn’t help but feel extremely low as if someone had knocked the wind out of my sails. 

Anyway, no matter what happened to me/FOR ME, now, what I know for sure is 

-I will always have the unconditional love and support of my husband and my immediate family.

-My investment in self help is the most valuable asset I own because it holds the potential to pull me out of the woods anytime I am lost.

-This too shall pass.

Finally after 40 days of back to back testing COVID positive I finally tested negative, went for my 20th week scan and saw my baby waving at me and moving around as if nothing happened. 

L-O-L !

How blessed and grateful am I to have a child who has chosen to be stuck by my side (rather in my belly) even in my darkest hours?!

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In the end, I’d say…

Life is good overall and we all should aim to always be kind to each other because each one one of us is going through an internal battle of varying magnitudes. And also, self growth is the best investment we can make. 

I have decided to take up another Healing course called ‘You & Your Inner Circle’ which talks about the 4 kinds of love (relationships) and how to heal from betrayals. This course will not just heal me, my baby, my (biological) parents and ancestors but also my past life versions. Needless to say, with every healing class I do, my clients benefit the most 😉 because their sessions are then exposed to a newer and deeper level of healing. Now, this I feel is quite a savvy investment.

Mind you, one doesn’t have to take up healing courses to invest in self growth. I do it because Healing & Coaching is my vocation. The easiest and safest way to invest in self growth & personal development is to hook yourself up with a healer and coach who is trained to nurture you and guide you through and through, so that YOU can FOCUS on YOUR VOCATION whilst healing from limiting, disempowering belief systems.

Sending you all loads of love.


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  1. Tanvi says:

    Bookmarked this blog post already…sending u and lil one loads of happiness and health. Thank you 😊

  2. Bhavishya says:

    You are my brave girl🥰more power to you😇

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