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A  bunch of years ago, I used to be an emotional fool around my birthday ‘cos of a few heart shattering experiences. But over the years, I pulled myself together, buckled up & promised my higher self to be my own hero… and… I DID!

Fast forward 2018… I no longer cry like a baby on August 31st and instead do things to spoil myself silly!


The Maven Lifestyle
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It’s been quite a journey I MUST ADMIT and today I’d like to share with y’all 27 things I discovered along the way…

  1. Our body is miraculous. After successfully completing a ThetaHealing class called Intuitive Anatomy, I realized how much our body does for us even while we are asleep so the least we can do is LISTEN to it when it’s asking us to stop, take a breather and enjoy! Also, our body can heal itself by itself; 8/10 times we don’t need to go to any doc and FYI, antibiotics majorly fuck up our system, MAJORLY!
  2. MY VIBE ATTRACTS MY TRIBE! Last 4 years gave me some major friendship setbacks. People I considered to be my friends and well wishers not just judged me all along but also were envious of me! They showed their true colors slowly and gradually! I truly believe once my vibe changed meaning my frequency didn’t match with theirs the Law of Truth got kind enough to show me their real side. For this, I mist admit, I take full responsibility because perhaps somewhere, I had a vice/ negative emotion stacked up in me that attracted such souls into my reality. Nevertheless, I thank them for teaching me a valuable lesson every step along the way!
  3. Law of Attraction works so strongly whether we want to believe in it or not + the second our vibration drops (aka we fall prey to negative feelings of jealousy, resentment, guilt, anger), we start attracting diseases into our reality.
  4. Forgiveness is a virtue we all are here to learn. We forgive the ones who’ve hurt us not for them but for ourselves and forgiving simply means we let go of them so that there’s no longer any left-over karmic settlement between the two souls!
  5. You know you’ve truly forgiven someone when if you think about ‘em and a blessing comes straight from your heart followed by a gentle smile.
  6. The closer we stay to nature, the happier our life is because the nature vibrates at a very high frequency and 9/10 times there just isn’t anything that can reboot our thoughts as well as nature can! Staying in-tune with nature doesn’t mean one has to go on regular hikes, simply watering the plants in your sacred sanctuary is good enough, trust me!The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani
  7. Healing & Coaching my clients is a genre of work that feeds my soul and fuels my purpose.
  8. Nothing, absolutely nothing in life goes waste! Every single experience is attracted by our subconscious so that we move a step closer to where we’re truly supposed to be! I’m an Industrial Engineer with a Masters of Science in International Business. I excelled in Sales in my first job and later moved to Digital Marketing & while I was acing that, I started blogging due to my love for eating out at swanky restaurants and LOOK what I’m doing right now; I’m a Healer, Life Coach, Health Coach, Happiness Advocate & a Lifestyle Blogger and I can say with immense pride that my education and work experience still helps me work successfully with all my clients!
  9. Trust your intuition ALL THE TIME, it will never ever misguide you!
  10. I’ve always wanted to be a woman who works and not a lady who lunches which is why I never let any situation leave my soul wander around aimlessly! Certain characteristics about our personality take us a reallllly long way, hold onto those with immense faith!The Maven Lifestyle By Aakansha Gurnani_The Big 25
  11. There’s no substitute for hard work and there’s no such thing as being lazy! We are lazy towards things that do not align with our passion.The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani
  12. There’s no such this as RIGHT or WRONG in the eyes of the Creator; people do what they feel is right so being nice to criminals is something we will all have to work towards. They do things as a result of something terrible that has happened to them! A little bit of compassion helps heal faster.
  13. Compassion & unconditional love is what the world needs right now very very desperately!
  14. Travel is therapy for me! It’s not just exposed me to a whole new world out there but also made me a hundred times more sensitive & compassionate towards other cultures! The Maven Lifestyle By Aakansha Gurnani
  15. We’re all born with unique talents and gifts, some of us discover our gifts early on in life whereas others need to work around it so don’t lose hope and keep exploring different facets of your personality.
  16. Developing an attitude of gratitude will pick you up no matter where you’re at and put you on the path of success & good health.
  17. Adopting a pet instead of shopping for them instantly makes you want to be a better person (every single day)!
  18. If God has been kind enough to shower monetary abundance into your reality do not let that go waste! Sponsor a child who is in need of help and give back to the society! The Maven Lifestyle By Aakansha Gurnani_The Big 25
  19. Be grateful of all your domestic wonders (maid/help/driver/cook) cause they make your life so much easier!
  20. Never shy away from asking for help. Seeking help and advice doesn’t make you smaller/dumb-er, it in fact opens you up to a new point of view!
  21. Compliment each other instead of living in envy! When you compliment a fellow human, you not just raise the other person’s vibration but yours as well! Complimenting just proves to the Universe how appreciative you are as a soul!
  22. Social Media is the best thing that happened to us! It not just keeps us super connected all the time, it also inspires us in a million ways. Folks who think otherwise are simply misusing social media and are perhaps operating from a place of insecurity!
  23. When someone undergoes a healing process, it does not mean that he or she is dysfunctional… on the contrary it means how self-aware he/she is!
  24. Blood Pressure & Diabetes are not diseases… they are lifestyle related issues which can catered to with ease, grace & glory!
  25. Taking good care of your skin by eating right will make you look 10 years younger and 20 times more radiant than your usual self. The Maven Lifestyle
  26. There’s absolutely nothing that can compensate for a husband/partner’s love! I am at a really happy state today and a huge credit for that goes to my husband! He’s in fact played an astronomical role in my journey of becoming a healer! 

    The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani
    The Man Who Makes My World Go Round…
  27. You can attract your divine soulmate by raising your vibrations…by simply being the purest soul & the highest version of yourself. Living life with the purest of intentions, being kind to yourself and loving all unconditionally will do wonders for your vibe!
  28. BONUS LEARNING! Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Creator made everything and ever person D-I-V-I-N-E ! Love all and respect every person’s niceness! The Maven Lifestyle_By Aakansha Gurnani


Life Lessons from The Maven Lifestyle

Today, I make a plea to all the animal lovers out there`to never ‘purchase’ a pet! Each time you pay money and ‘buy’ a pet, you encourage a bunch of illiterate folks out there to make these animals (over) breed. These new born animals and parent animals aren’t kept in the best of conditions which makes all of this a very unethical deed.

Also, animal population can be controlled when pet lovers adopt fur babies who are in a dire need of a loving home! There are many foundations that do this work with the purest of intentions and one such place in Dubai is Red Paw Foundation.

Life Lessons from The Maven Lifestyle

These beautiful souls don’t let people adopt pets right away; they encourage to foster first to get a basic understanding as to what all it takes to shelter a fur baby. And this, in my opinion, is a game changer because it gives pet lovers confidence that they can experiment and that they will always have the foundation’s support!

This is the very reason my family adopted the cutest little angel named Silver Shewakramani in March 2018! I can say with all my heart & soul that Sillu (Silver) makes us all want to become a nicer person every single day!

Life Lessons from The Maven Lifestyle

I urge you all to spread a word and always encourage ADOPTING over SHOPPING.


If you’re based in Dubai, UAE, you can get in touch with Red Paw HERE & visit their adoption camps (every Friday) to get a deeper understanding of the depth of their work!


Life Lessons from The Maven Lifestyle

I’ve always had a desire to give back to the society which is why I associated myself with MAKE A DIFFERENCE (MAD), an Indian non-profit organization, working to ensure better outcomes for children in orphanages and shelters across India. I worked with them as an English teacher for over 3 years till I flew to the U.K to pursue my masters. My work experience with Make a Difference gave me an opportunity to learn the true value of giving back to the society and since then I had a desire to sponsor a child’s education at the very least. I consider myself to be really lucky to have discovered a best friend, Tejaswini Vavilala who’s dedicated a major part of her life to Sphoorti Foundation. Sphoorti Foundation is a hostel home for 257 underprivileged children, orphans, semi-orphans or destitute in Hyderabad, India! By sponsoring a child with Sphoorti what an individual does is, he/she takes care of the child’s living expenses which are 4-6 times higher than education fees which by the way is free till the age of 16 years by the Andhra Pradesh government.

Life Lessons from The Maven Lifestyle

I can say with immense pride that my beloved husband and I have sponsored 2 extremely bright kids of Sphoorti foundation- a boy & a girl (‘cos we are feminists). Just to be transparent with you guys we are paying INR 25,000 for each child every year and this cost includes their living expenses, food, clothes, stationary, school transportation, etc.

(FYI: Since education is free till the age of 16, we are taking care of their living expenses.)

Now, if this is something that strikes a chord with you, please drop me an email at themavenlifestyle@gmail.com and I shall put you in touch with my lovely friend Tejaswini.

Also, please know that you can contribute in other ways as well and you don’t have to spend 25k to do something nice for a fellow human. These kids are very well taken care of but the foundation needs contributors that are ready to provide smaller things (like books, shoes, slippers for kids who aren’t sponsored) which Tejaswini can guide you with. The payment process is secure, easy and very trustworthy!

FYI- This foundation is in dire need of 50 sponsorers so please find it in your heart to spread a word.

Life Lessons from The Maven Lifestyle

These guys are doing some GREAT work which you can follow HERE!

Love & Light,


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  1. Sony says:

    I m speechless, at this point of your age,the way you are leading your life is beyond perfect…..keep it up!!!

    1. Raju Rastogi says:


  2. Bharat says:

    Yo sissy.
    I don’t know how but this is for you –
    My perspective of the 27 lessons which you have learnt along the way and are now a part of me aswell –
    1. Truely beleive in this. I am so glad that I have such an awesome body, not having fallen sick or any other problem in near future🤞🤞🤞. Even I refrain from using antibiotics and force mom also to not take unless very necessary.
    2. I partially believe in what u have to say. You attract your kind of people but during this process u meet people with what u call “Negative Vibration”. I believe that people having such vibration and we meeting them is for a reason. We being the “positive souls” should try being postive around them and eventually as far as possible turn them into people with positivity -thats when I feel we can say that we have truly made this world a better place to live in. I am sharing this with you and not suggesting you becasue I myself am in the process of doing this and I will suggest you only when I have implemented the same.
    3. True that.
    4. Forgiveness – the easiest thing to accept but the most difficult thing to give. Again, I dont believe in letting go of people I have forgiven i.e. people who have hurt me but my forgiveness is like beggining of new chapter with that soul and my book has unlimited pages i.e. keep forgiving that person unless no forgiveness is needed.
    5. True that.
    6. True that. Haven’t been able to do the same but plan to do so in near future.
    7. ❤️❤️ Great job and very rare profession which requires loads and loads of unparalleled focus
    8. Absolutely true. Have had so many experiences in the initial phases of which the purpose is not understood but going forward the purpose and benefit from same becomes cristal clear.
    9. Hope so. Always difficult to understand whether its my intuition or desire🙈🙈
    10. True that. Keep up that attitude❤️❤️
    11. So damn true.
    12. Very TRUE.
    13. True that love has the power to CHANGE. That love can flow from anyone parents, siblings, friends or strangers.
    14. Even I have benefited for that habbit of yours😆😆 – That has helped me eat good and variety of food.🤣🤣
    15. So true.
    16. Being grateful about the smallest of things brings biggest of happiness, if not that atleast satisfaction for sure.
    17. Awwww. Soon.🤗🤗
    18. If not abundant enough u can atleast start from donating blood if its not too much to ask or just by offering someone in need a meal, if this is also too much don’t worry just smile at them and their smile will make u do everything.
    19. True that. To understand their importance – give them a holiday on sunday and try doing everything by yourself.
    20. Work in progress.😰
    21. Work in progress.😰
    22. True that.
    23. Very true. But for someone to be self aware they need to first be aware of what healing is all about. “Its all about believing in yourself” – from where I look at it from m. If I am not wrong Mrs Healer😁😁
    24. True that.
    25. True that.
    26. Happiness flows first from within and then from others. So the former has started for me and the latter will come in the years to come.
    27. Work in progress.
    28. 🤗🤗Love all and respect all.
    29. BONUS. Always make a decision after looking at things for each person’s (to whom that decision will impact) perspective. Thats when a decision is well taken and can be called a WIN WIN situation.

    1. Aakansha says:

      When did you get so wise baby boo?
      Lots of love & blessings!

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