22 Books you must read in this lifetime

A few years ago, I developed one of the best habits that has a major role to play in the way I live my life today; that is reading! Reading is one of the most overrated yet underrated quality. Yes, I call it a quality!


Since the time I started reading, I found myself-

->Being able to understand anything and everything LIFE better.

->People asking me all the time how old I really really am (guess I sounded wiser for my age 😉 )

->I knew the solution to almost every problem.

->I could help my fellow folks through pretty much anything in life and

->Last but definitely not the least, I found ME! Somewhere in the middle of these books, I found me.


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The Boy who was raised as a dog by Dr. Bruce Perry & Maia Szalavitz

This is one of the most important books I’ve come across. I not just found myself being lost in chapters but also weeping towards the end of almost every chapter which was an individual child’s case. Yes, this is a book full of real life examples. 

The author has dedicated his life to work with children who have been exposed to early trauma. Dr. Bruce has left no stone unturned to explain to us the importance of raising children in the most mindful way possible. 

Every chapter of this book discusses a horrific case which is paramount for us to know because sometimes we can take little little things for granted when it comes to childcare- 

*from not picking up and speaking to our children enough to not recognizing early signs of mental instability, 

*from leaving children alone in a trusted person’s guidance (which can totally backfire) to pushing children to share their pain with us when they are not ready. 

Every parent tries their best to do what they can for their children but… certain slip ups can cost us a lot more out mind can fathom. I believe every single person in the world should read this book. Whether you’re a parent or not, this book will make you reflect on your childhood and push you to contemplate some repeated patterns in your life. I personally heard this book on Audible and found myself getting totally lost in the chapters for hours at a stretch. I am in utmost awe with how Dr. Bruce sat with parents of traumatised children to dig on the child’s early years (0-7 years…Theta State) and found jaw-dropping revelations. 

{Believe it or not, this is exactly what I do in my ThetaHealing sessions to work on my client’s triggers}

What I personally love love love about this book is that it not just speaks about the problem but also the solution. Each chapter starts with a problem case (of a traumatised child) and includes HOW Dr. Perry solved that case. This book has made me feel 10 times more compassion for children than I already do. This book has encouraged me to love children unconditionally and hold them and shower them with love and happy vibes. 

Because all every child truly truly wants is… a happy parent (or caregiver)… rest all are needs

I really request you to read this book, PLEASE? 

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The Fakir by Ruzbeh Bharucha

I do not consider myself to be a fast reader and it’s rather rare that I pick up a book and finish it within a few hours. I love reading but I enjoy listening to audiobooks, podcasts and watching informative videos a lot too. This book, The Fakir, I am not even sure why I picked up because I genuinely do not know anything about Sai Baba. In hindsight, I am glad I picked up this book because I devoured it so quickly it feels like a FLASH! I also remember crying (joyfully & in awe) while reading this book. It is a very comforting book which will make you want to RECONSIDER your priorities in life. This book shows you what is really important, what truly matters when we leave our body to go back to the spirit world… home of our soul! This book holds the potential to transform you from being a ‘complaining box’ to a grateful person in the most profound way possible. The Fakir is not just a book, it’s a tool to shift your focus from ‘petty issues’ to ‘profound learnings’! I very strongly recommend this book!

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The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read by Philippa Perry




If you could just read one parenting book, it has to be this one. I have legit taken notes while hearing this book on Audible. I will in fact publish a blog post on everything this book has taught (and reminded) me! This book contains profound wisdom we all are lucky to receive. ‘The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read’ has redefined conscious parenting for me. It has grounded me and for sure made me a better person and a better parent. This book is full of revelations that will make you go…

AHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I urge you to get your hands on this book and give it to anyone and everyone you know who will read this book because it is one of the most awesome books I have come across.

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Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed

Compiled from an advice column called ‘Dear Sugar’ run by ‘Sugar’ aka Cheryl Strayed, this book has an amalgamation of letters seeking guidance, wisdom and straight-up advice. The letters are written by individuals from all over America to Cheryl at a time when Cheryl was known to be an anonymous ‘Miss Sugar’ running an advice column (for free) in the U.S. Later when her identity was revealed, this book came to light. This book has made me tear up almost every time I heard it (on Audible). It has so much wisdom and honesty that if you attract this book in your life and actually follow through with it, it means you are open to growth. As a healer and coach, we are trained TO NEVER GIVE STRONG ADVICE/DECISIONS IN A SESSION but encourage our clients to come up with decisions/solutions. This is because clients who come in for a session are wise, divine and whole. Partially contrary to that school of thought, this book is all about giving straight forward advice and the way Cheryl does so will make your heart melttttttt. Sometimes when we are in a pickle, all we want is straight forward advice. We WANT someone wiser than us to tell us WHAT TO DO even though deep down we KNOW WHAT TO DO. WE JUST WANT TO HEAR IT FROM A WISER PERSON. 

In this book ( a compilation of letters of advice), 

Sugar aka Cheryl Strayed is not shoving her opinion down anyone’s throat in her reply to the letters seeking advice, 


only using the words of individuals who have written the letter to hold the torchlight to the path of growth and wisdom. 

This book is amazing and a must-read for every single one of us, really!


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It Didn’t Start With You by Mark Wolynn

I started reading (actually hearing on Audible) this book just before I delivered my baby girl, the light of my life, my Noor and also now (postpartum) and you have no idea how many AHA moments I’ve had because of it. 

-( Read about my pregnancy journey & birthing story here )- -(It is super candid and raw)-

‘It didn’t start with you’ sits so well with all the knowledge I’ve received through ThetaHealing which is something I dig for. I feel the truth is universal and should be uniform. Universal laws and facts must sit in harmony with each other. Everything I have learnt and understood in this book about genetic healing and genetic trauma is very much covered (in even further detail) in ThetaHealing. This book speaks about how some of our issues (pain, fear, anxiety, insecurity, limiting beliefs) has nothing to do with us but everything to do with our genetic line.

We all have some level of unconscious loyalty to our family members in our genetic line both paternal and maternal which is why we subconsciously take on their pain. This doesn’t happen to every single person though so one needs to watch out and be super aware.

Please read this book to open your awareness to the power of healing and genetic inheritance of trauma. This book is full of super fascinating examples which is something I thrive on. I feel real life case studies/ examples help us understand concepts and facts better.

So if this is something you’re interested in, please get your hands on this book.

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What to Expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel

Before I tell you anything about this book, I must tell you two things->

1)Two of my doctors strictly asked me NOT TO READ THIS BOOK without giving me any reason.

2)I personally think (as a healer and coach) that they asked me not to read this book because this book talks about symptoms every month and all the complications a lot in detail which might play with a woman’s psyche if she is pregnant. If she doesn’t experience the array of symptoms mentioned, she might feel that she is not pregnant and will “create” issues subconsciously. This is actually true.

I honestly read this book because I was fascinated by it for the past 10 years when I was in Uni. I’ve always been fascinated by pregnancy and childbirth so I picked up and read this book, page by page because I was curious and fascinated.

Please do not read this if you think this book can mess up with your subconscious mind. Having said that, this book is genuinely very optimistic, empowering and FUNNY! YES, it has a cute and funny undertone to it!

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Pregnancy Notes by Rujuta Diwekar

This book every Indian mother-to-be must read before she even starts planning. This book has an insane level of wisdom. It talks about every single trimester- what to eat, how to tweak lifestyle and movement, exercise, postpartum, losing weight post pregnancy, heritage recipes and some tips. It’s a quick read that will bust all the rubbish myths floating around thus empowering you with what you truly deserve to know. I am attaching a picture of this book’s content page along with the notes I made along the way.

The Maven Lifestyle

The Maven Lifestyle

What God Said by Neale Donald Walch

If you have read the Conversations with God series twice already (like me) and want to keep revisiting all the beautiful things God speaks about, then this book is for you! It has 25 core messages well put together as a reminder for everyone who is in awe with these series. I recommend you to read this only after you have read all 4 books on Conversations with God at least twice.

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Guide to Child Care by Dr. R.K Anand (India’s best pediatrician)

This book was strongly recommended by my homeopath a year ago. I am so glad I took this recommendation seriously. This book is full of knowledge and wisdom that every parent NEEDS TO KNOW because when it comes to childcare there are so many myths, you’ll be shocked. If you are pregnant, get this book asap. If you are planning a baby, get this book now itself and read it. This book is GOLD, really! This has to be one of the most informative books I have read because it talks about->

Planning a baby


Labour & Delivery

Taking care of a newborn at home & hospital

Normal growth and development of motor and mental skills 



Feeding young children (solids or semi solids only after 6 months)

Choosing a Paediatrician, etc.

Maybe you should talk to someone by Lori Gottlieb 

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Surprise jolts us to attention. 

‘Maybe you should talk to someone’ did that for me if I were to give my reaction to this book in one line.

I am big on personifications and oxymoron happens to be my favorite one :-p

That’s what this book is, an absolute oxymoron. 

I smile in wonder as to how a book can be so easy breezy and profound at the same time. ‘Maybe you should talk to someone’ is Lori’s memoir which is written in a way that even slow readers like me can manage to read fast enough whilst absorbing the true essence…ethos of this book which is to

seek help & guidance.

Lori says and I agree that professionals in the self help industry (such as therapists, coaches, healers) are supposed to be a container for the hope a wounded (unhealed) person cannot yet hold 🙂

Lori being a therapist is brave enough to talk about her breakup and denial that follows after. It’s cool to witness vulnerabilities to be honest, especially that of a therapist. She also speaks about her patients in a way that you will get invested in their stories. Every patient story is unique- painful, funny and profound. I found myself crying multiple times while reading this book. One of those times my sister-in-law (Priyanka) randomly walked into my room to be left flabbergasted as to why I was sitting alone with a book and crying. LOL!!!

John made me cry. 

Julie lubricated my heart with tears. 


Rita’s story instilled more compassion in me and reminded me that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE (slowly but surely) if given a chance. 

John, Julie and Rita are the patients Lori talks about in the book. 

If you are seeking a meaningful book which is light, funny and leaves your heart with warmth, then definitely pick this up. I am so happy I came across this book. I strongly recommend you all to read it. 

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

The Maven Lifestyle

I strongly recommend this book because it various topics such as 

Bozos on the bus,

The hands that work on us,

Lightening up and falling down,


The Shaman Lover,

Run Away, Bunny,

The Truth,

Terrors and miracles,

Open secret, etc.

that made me scream in joy and scribble notes both in the book and in my phone. This entire books sheds light on how we all are a work in progress and there is no such thing as perfection. 

Perfection is an illusion which only ignorant people run after. 

In a world where sharing vulnerabilities are mostly associated with the feeling of shame, this book in a way makes grieving seem natural and healthy. Whether you’re flourishing in life or going through a dark phase, you MUST READ THIS BOOK. It will bring a lot of things in perspective for you.

Some of my absolute favorite lines from the book are ->

“Grief is a tonic. It’s a healing elixir made of tears that lubricate the heart. Grief is a proof of our love, a demonstration of how deeply we have allowed another to touch us. “

‘Parenthood is a clumsy yet majestic dance in the flames. When you parent, you fall in love with a person who is always changing into someone else and will one day fly away like a soaring falcon.’

“Phoenix process of the highest order can be pursued by raising children. “

“Despair is a non discriminating fellow; when despair throws a late night party, he invites in every hopeless situation thy troubles the mind. “

“I trust the wisdom of the unseen hand in my child’s life. “

“I grant my child her god given right to fall down and rise up again like a Phoenix from the ashes. “

“Everything around us is a dynamic system fueled by the breath of change. “

Kundalini by Om Swami

The Maven Lifestyle

This book talks about the human chakras in utmost detail relating everything to the Mythology of Lord Shiva. 

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been recommended this book by my ex-manager & now very dear friend Neha Prasad Jha. God bless Neha for encouraging me to wallow into this book which is full of wisdom that is a gift for readers who actually decide to pick up this book. 

This book has separate chapters on every single (of 7 main) chakras of the human body. I read this book back in 2018 and I still remember from 2016-2017, two full years I was going around asking yoga enthusiaists around me what “chakras” mean and they had no flying clue. 

So, that’s the thing with chakras… a lot of people either don’t know, or, have incomplete knowledge which is why this book is your best source of information. 

I would very very strongly urge you to read this book because it talks about chakras in relation with ->

kundalini energy i.e. ‘shakti’, 

lord Shiva, 

goddess of fertitility, Parvati… 

I still remember the scintillating stories from this book! Ahh, what a brilliant read! Must-have!

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Maven Lifestyle

I am not into Finance but I am perhaps the biggest fan of this book. I believe this book should be a mandatory read in SCHOOL. This book talks about Robert’s two Dads- one rich & one poor who taught Robert the value of investing, financial freedom and living a healthy financial life. This book talks about saving ideas, spending patterns and of course INVESTING! 

I read this book very early on in life and I cannot tell you how much of an impact this book has left on me. This book address “how to live a financially healthy” life in step-by-step format. By the end of the book, whether you have a lot of money or not… you would want to INVEST it- either in FD/mutual funds/property/stocks/… etc. I suggest anyone who is 16+ MUST READ THIS BOOK.  Nobody is too young ot too old to read this book. Must, must read !!!

I was so inspired by this book that I also read Rober’s wife, Kim Kiyosaki’s book called RICH WOMAN.

The Maven Lifestyle

Women need to become financially independent now more than ever and this book is must-read for all my divas out there. 

Ladies, you HAVE TO read this book, it’s non-negotiable.

Radical Forgiveness by Colin Tipping

The Maven Lifestyle

If you’re someone who gets hurt very quickly or finds it hard to let go of “stuff” or gets angry often or gets triggered on repeated patterns in life, then book is your Bible.

I cannot emphasize enough the magic this book beholds for you. Colin explains forgiveness in a new and radical fashion which will stick with you forever. This book is full of stories that will touch you and strike a chord with you. Radical Forgiveness comes with an actual worksheet that takesz you through the forgiveness process so that you can never give yourself an excuse that says… 

‘i know it’s important for me to forgive… but i don’t quite know how to’!!!

This book is an absolute keeper and one of the MOST VALUABLE GIFTS you can give yourself or to your loved ones.

The Celestine Prophecy

This was one of the books which while reading I wanted to start over and read again and again and again. But…. you gotta be “ready” for this book. This book is for dreamers and believers. This book is for people who are ready to witness miracles in the form of synchronicities in their life. Get this book if you will have the heart to cherish it’s learnings forever and ever… if you’re a skeptic who doesn’t believe in the magnificence of this Universe, please wait until you’re ready! This book is collector’s piece… something you pass on to your children…

The Maven Lifestyle

This snippet is from my INSTAGRAM book recommendation story highlights. 

Click here to have a look!

The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary

The Maven Lifestyle

Whethere you’re a parent or not, this book will help you evolve and understand parenting from a spiritual standpoint. If you are willing to invest in your child, then you gotta read this book or just watch videos featuring Dr. Shefali. She is gonna transform your perspective on Parenting. Her book revolves around the poem below-

The Maven Lifestyle

The Laws of the Spirit World by Khorshed Bhavnagri

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

This book talks about the 4th Plane of Existence which is the SPIRIT WORLD. If you know what “Automatic Writing” is then this book will make total sense to you.

Alternatively, if you need to know answers to pretty much anything and everything in life, grab this book. It will rock your world and boggle your mind. Every word in this book not just makes sense but also grabs you from a low vibrational life and puts you in a place where you see things for what they truly are!

You gotta be a believer if you wish to read this book.

This book talks about…

>The Spririt World

>The Soul and The Subconscious Mind

>Free Will


>Your Mission on Earth




>Positive Thinking and SO MUCH MORE!

The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

In this book, Gabby (the author) talks about how much we all operate from fear and how that ends up creating a major lack, a void in our lives. She talks about how one should live a life where ‘Love Guides’!

She also insists that we all must ‘Step Back and Let Love Lead the Way’!

Some of my favorite quotes include:

“When you surrender your relationships to love, you are able to bring your higher self to the table.”

“The practice of being on a spiritual path isn’t about being the best meditator, or the kindest possible person or the most enlightened. The practice is about surrendering to love as often as possible.”

“ The pathway to healing occurs when you love yourself so much that the darkness from the past can no longer co-exist with your faith in the light of the present moment.”

“By embracing the Universe as your support system, you are no longer relying solely on your own power to solve your problems.”

To put a cherry on this beautiful cake; this book talks about-

>>Your Hidden Power

>>You being the Dreamer of your Dream

>>You being guided at all times

>>Your Vibes, that speak much louder than your words

>>Obstacles being detours in the right direction

>>The Universe is speaking to you in mysterious ways

>>You are the Universe AND SO MUCH MORE!

A Fistful of Wisdom by Om Swami

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

A dear friend and mentor of mine introduced me to Om Swami’s wisdom and I cannot thank her enough for that. This guy is probably the coolest monk ever! His musings will not just rattle your belief system but also strike a chord with your heart. His take on pretty much everything is life is just TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL. Some of my favorite lines from his book are-

“Compassion and forgiveness are simply synonyms of sacrifice. When you forgive, somewhere you sacrifice a part of your own existence, your respect, your dignity, yourself. But by forgiving, you also go beyond the shackles of ego. Besides, sacrifice is not a trade, you don’t expect anything for yourself in return, it is philanthropy, it’s an act of charity.”

“Surrendering to the Divine or having or having faith in God certainly does not mean that no harm will befall us or that everything will work out the way we envisage. It simply means that we accept the fact that there are numerous things that we don’t understand in the intricate workings of nature and that we are fine with it.”

This book talks about-

>>>The Puzzle of Life

>>>If Astrology is for Real or not?

>>>Karmic Trail & Psychic Imprints

>>>Mind & Impure Thoughts

>>>Single Parents & Broken Marriages

>>>Handling Criticism

>>>The Art of Apology

>>The Greatest Skill

>>Do Prayers Work

>>The Loss of a Loved One

>>The Role of Suffering

>>>Your Karmic Account so on and so forth.

PS…If you find yourself extremely keen on knowing about the 7 Chakras and what they really mean, then you can also grab Om Swami’s book called KUNDALINI.

The Power of Subconscious Mind

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

This is by far one of the most challenging books I’ve ever read!


Because the time I picked this book, I had no flying clue about what the title meant. I just got a feeling that it will change my life and this feeling was enough for me to take a plunge into the deep end! This book is for the people who find it hard to believe in God, Spirituality, Soul; it’s also for the people who believe in some force out there and the Law of Attraction. This book is proof that YOU ARE WHAT YOU ATTRACT & in turn, YOU ATTRACT WHO YOU ARE! It talks about the power of thoughts and all the genius Science behind it.

To give you a teeny little brief-

This book will teach you how you have two minds- one that of your physical body (Conscious) and the other that of your soul/auric body (Subconscious). The latter is a million time stronger than the former and that’s why it’s DORMANT. But by doing some exercises mentioned in this book, you can learn how to tap into your Subconscious mind that will make you the best version of yourself allowing you to ATTRACT ANYTHING YOU DESIRE, ANYTHING!

This book covers-

>>>>The Treasure House Within You

>>>>How your own Mind Works

>>>>Miracles- Working Power of Your Subconscious

>>>>Mental Healing in Ancient & Modern Times

>>>>How to use your Subconscious Mind for Wealth, to Be Rich, to solve Marital issues, to find more Happiness so on and so forth.


Conversations with God (Book 1) by Neale Donald Walsch

The Maven Lifestyle by Aakansha Shewakramani

This book is the book that tears me after every 3 pages. It has words from the Creator, The Almighty…the be all and end all of our existence. It’s hands down one of the most amazing books I have ever come across. However, I would urge you to read this book after you’ve read the aforementioned books as the base that those books provide will put you in a place to understand and accept each and everything this book has to say!

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