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So ANGELS, as you may know are messengers of God. They are a very important member of the Universe. God has created angels so that us (humans) are well taken care of and guided every step along the way! Some of us instinctively ‘know’ that we have someone out there looking after us but a majority of the people aren’t as aware!

We all have been assigned some angels who are always around us (even right now while you’re reading this)! They love us and are guiding us and trying to communicate with us using signs, symbols and most of all… feelings!

Numbers, feathers and strong feelings (almost like someone is pushing you to do something) are the most common ways in which angels talk to you! People who aren’t ready won’t be able to successfully receive these messages.

How to make sure that you’re ready for such messages?

1> Be a ‘believer’! Until & unless you have faith in angels, messages won’t come to you!

2> Tune in! Go inward by being in touch with your authentic self. Be very mindful of your intentions.

If you’ve been catching glimpses of number series then here’s what it probably means (probable is the operative word here)…

111… If you spot series of 1, it means that you need to extremely mindful of your thoughts as the Universe is listening to you very closely. People often confuse this with ‘make a wish’ when in reality it means, stay in tune with your authentic self and keep your intention pure! It could also be a sign of spiritual awakening for people who’ve been seeking guidance. This means that you are evolving spiritually!

222…If you spot series of 2, it means you need to welcome & embrace ‘change’! Changes happen in our lives to make room for something more divine & beautiful; welcoming change with open arms will enrich our lives and feed our souls. Folks who resist change are not just ‘stuck up’ but stop evolving as well. When the Universe shows you series of 2, it’s reminding to trust the changes happening in your life at that point {they may not seem to be in your favor at that point but they are for your highest & best}!

Series of 2 also means that you must seek balance in your life and surround yourself with people who support you & your decisions … this will help you maintain balance in your life!

333…Spotting series of 3 means you have probably been stalling a decision and it’s time you take action. It could also mean that you’re not staying true to your authentic self. This usually happens when you are concealing your feelings or getting influenced by someone else. The idea is to always channel & speak your soul’s truth!

444…This is my favorite series because this means that your angels are with you at that moment. They are telling you how much they love you and support you. If you spot series of 4 regularly then it’s fantastic news ‘cause it means that you are on the right path, you must hold onto the trust & faith and keep marching forward. It also means that you are in harmony and complete synchronicity with the Universe!

For some souls, series of 4 could just be a reminder to not ignore your intuition & wear it like a badge of honor.

Series of 4 is my absolute favorite!

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555…Always remember, 5 is for Ascended Masters (Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Kali, etc.)

Ascended Masters are Lords sitting in the fifth plane of existence that most people refer to as ‘heaven’! When you spot series of 5, just know that ascended masters are watching over you. You must trust your path and your intuitions, you are where you should be and your life is in complete sync with your soul purpose!

666…Consider series of 6 as a wake-up call! This means that you must stop fooling yourself by falling into the trap of pessimism! It’s time to flip the switch and look at life with rose-colored glasses aka with a positive outlook! Spotting 666… means you must embrace the attitude of gratitude and keep a thorough check on your thoughts as they shape your reality!

777…Consider series of a 7 as pat on the back from the Universe. It means that the Universe is telling you that you’re READY for divine knowledge. It can also mean that you are increasing your awareness to know yourself better. Folks please know that the minute you are in synch with your inner self, your clarity towards life increases tenfold and as Tony Robbins says-

Clarity is POWER!

888…SERIES of 8 are visible to some lucky individuals who have the knowledge and wisdom to share divine knowledge! It can also mean that you have an abundant mindset which is attracting opportunities in your life. Hold onto that!

999…is for new beginnings! Life is a beautiful journey full of interesting twists and turns, accept it & be ready to start afresh. Series of 9 are also a reminder to you that you must forgive those who have hurt you…forgiveness is a sign of strength & courage!

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000…Now series of 0 can have multiple meanings so every time you spot these, tune-in and you will feel it in your heart which of the following sits well with you:

>>You are one with the Creator. Your connection with God is very very strong and you are operating from a space of compassion and unconditional love!


>>You are in tune with your higher self. Your higher self is like your inner voice that guides you and knows what’s for your highest & best!


>>If you are spotting series of 0 whilst facing a challenge, just know that the Universe is trying to talk to you & you must work on improving your connection with it!

1212…means that if you focus on your dreams with a positive approach (believing that they will manifest) even in the face of difficulty & challenges, you will make your wishes come true. 1212 is reminder of the power of our thoughts and the fact that our thoughts CREATE our REALITY!

PLEASE KNOW THAT ‘wishes’ are like ’seeds’ that provide the fuel that propels actions. So by wishing for something with divine passion, you create a positive high vibrational energy that becomes the source to make your dream come true! Always remember, inaction leads to nothing and hard work is key!

1234…Spotting this series means that you need to declutter & simplify your life in order to reach clarity!

If this meaning doesn’t sync with you, then 1234 can also mean that you’re on the right track to finding the purpose of your life, all you need to do is L I S T E N !

1234 also serves as a reminder to you that your sense of divine contentment will come when you are true to your authentic self!

1414 & 1515… is a number I believe you spot when the Universe is guiding you to tap onto the positive spirit you have within yourself. The more you tune yourself to positivity, the higher your vibration goes and THE MORE POSITIVITY you attract in turn. This is just like Law of Attraction. So the next time you spot 1414 or 1515, think of 5 positive thoughts and smile ear to ear with 100% faith that you are now attracting even more positivity in your life. You might see this number as a pat on the back if you are a positive person already or

if you have been having a lot of negative thoughts, then consider this number spotting as a nudge from the Universe to tap onto positive thoughts within your life.

1616…is a number that is brought to you by the angels to tell you that a new person is going to enter your life. This could be an old relationship reigniting or a new relationship budding. 😉 Welcome this with an open heart.

New people/relationships give us an opportunity to LEARN NEW THINGS. So brace yourself!

1717…is a number for those seeking the purpose of their life. This can have multiple meanings. It can mean that you are on your life’s mission right now;

so, for example, if you are doing something at the moment which brings you a lot of joy and a strong sense of fulfillment and you spot 1717,

then just smile because it’s a pat on the back from the angels.

If you’re a Healer, Coach & Teacher, then spotting this number is like hitting JACKPOT for you because this number


Another meaning for 1717 could be… if you are seeking the purpose of your life and your soul’s mission and you spot this number,

it means angels are soon going to send HELP/GUIDANCE your way, accept it, respect it and welcome with open arms.


The Maven Lifestyle

Disclaimer / An earnest Request:

My dear readers, please take the aforementioned guide as a tentative message and always know that each time you spot a number, your message might be different; this is when you need to tune in!

Every time you see any number series, close your eyes and wait for a message/feeling to come to you!

May this knowledge be a gift for all the brave souls out there who dare to believe!

Love & Gratitude,


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